Crazy About Color!

    I have an obsession with teal and aqua colors, from the palest version of them to the most deeply saturated. It's an odd thing to notice about one self, the smile that curves on my face as soon as I see a variation of those colors. And of course they are the colors I want to work with most often. It's like a reminder of the sea shore and the freedom that one feels when they have their toes in the sand. 

   What's really crazy is that the people I see the most love those colors just as much as I do. What is it about color that changes how we feel? Teal blue is a color that invokes calm, openness, and serenity. It also invokes empathy, does that mean we are more likely to be kind to someone wearing Teal? Is it like a subliminal message to us to listen, be calm and be kind? 

   I hope so! Since I wear it all of the time and use it in my jewelry as much as possible. With such a narrow color pallet you would think boredom would come, but instead there is only looking forward to the next shopping excursion for the color that triggers a smile. :)