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Me being at home in the mountains.
    Honey is Me!

    Most of my life I have used my middle name and Honey has been set aside. Now I am ready to get back to her, my child self that was filled with wisdom, a sense of intense goodness for family and earth, and such boldness most didn't know what to think.
    I was raised in a hippy community in Washington State, outhouse included! And freedom is all I knew until my first day of public school where the teacher took me into the hallway and asked if I would like to go by my first or middle name. That pivotal moment changed my name and my identity, my complete freedom and sense of self was no more.
    This is me unedited. Showing you my work, the things I love, what matters to me, sharing stories that may help a situation you may be having in your life experience, and just being me.
    Now that I have given myself permission to be myself I hope that I can inspire others to do so as well. 
    One of my favorite things to do in life is expression and what better way to do that than wear what makes you smile and feel good. We should all have the opportunity to feel good about what we wear and bring into our lives! This store is my compilation of what is fun for me. And my mission is to share it all with you "nicely priced", so that you can feel good about your purchase. Glad you stopped in :) Have fun while your here!
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