Bohemian Style

Bohemian Style
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    Are you bohemian or do you want to be? A bohemian is unconventional and informal, someone who has a free spirit and follows it. Being bohemian is giving yourself freedom to be who you want to be. 

    The Bohemians of old were a wild bunch of outcasts who gave the "bird" to the system. They were artists, writers, travelers and free thinkers. They knew who they were and celebrated it. Living on the outside of social norm is a great bohemian trait. Who would you be without societies pressures and ideals? What would you spend your time doing?

    What is a bohemian to you? Is it someone who follows their heart, lets others be themselves without judgement, and surrounds themselves with beauty? Do they live in a tiny house and travel the country, take the time to experience new cultures, and find new ways to create? Do they allow themselves to have their own ideas, and quirky lifestyle? 

   A true bohemian lifestyle to me is loving who I am, being creative, being kind to others, giving those around me freedom to be themselves and find their way, and seeing something beautiful in every day. 

   Do you have a bohemian inside of you too?

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